Phoenix Artificial Grass Pros Offers Professional Artificial Grass Installation Services

Whether you’re an individual homeowner or a large scale commercial enterprise, you know that there’s nothing quite like the freshness of beautiful green grass. Whether your goal is to have a small patch of turf or to build an entire golf course, Phoenix Artificial Grass Pros can help. We are here to ensure that your lawn stays perfectly fresh and green–no matter the weather or temperature.

Are you like other homeowners who are sick of weak, dry grass and uneven patches? Wave goodbye to ugly natural grass and say hello to beautiful artificial turf instead.

We don’t just install artificial grass: we’ll help you with every step of the design process, too. If you’re not sure how best to incorporate artificial turf into your property, or if it’s even possible in the first place, our knowledgeable team will assist you in generating a list of design options. With our help, you can enjoy the attractive look and feel of artificial turf without the fuss of real grass. Your Phoenix or Scottsdale, AZ property will never look so good.

Why is Artificial Turf the Better Option?

Artificial grass shouldn’t just be reserved for large sports fields and commercial areas. Recent advances in design and technology mean synthetic grass is now the ideal solution for any property, including homes and play spaces.

Not only do high-quality artificial turf products look and feel just like real lawn does, but they can also achieve this without ever needing to be trimmed, mowed, hosed, weeded, or fertilized. Just think of all the time you’ve wasted taking care of your natural grass! Artificial turf, on the other hand, saves you money by eliminating maintenance costs. Better yet, you’ll be helping the environment when you stop using gas-powered mowers, too.

Want a lawn that looks perfect–come rain or shine? Artificial turf will always be the smart option.

Still need convincing? Read on to find out why so many others choose artificial grass for their properties.

The Environment Will Thank You

It’s time to get the idea out of your head that artificial grass is bad for Mother Earth. Instead, start focusing on the amount of money you’ll be saving once it’s installed. After all, this is the real test if a product helps the environment or not.

For starters, did you know that when it comes to water consumption, the average family in America consumes 320 gallons per day? Worse, the EPA says that nearly 15% of this is used on their lawns. Imagine how much higher this number is for commercial premises and large swathes of land, such as parks and golf courses. Close your eyes and you’ll immediately understand just how much precious water is consumed to maintain the grass and keep it green.

What’s even crazier–all this water doesn’t even go directly to the lawn because of factors such as wind, evaporation, and water runoff. Do you have a sprinkler system set to go off automatically every day? You probably don’t even need to water your lawn that often, but fear of an ugly yard will keep you in the habit.

While an immediate financial benefit of moving to artificial grass is the cost savings of 15% of your monthly water bill, there are also positive environmental impacts to consider. Better yet, all of this will happen as you sit back and enjoy an evergreen space without the stress of all the maintenance.

Hours of Labor Are a Thing of the Past

How often do you groan inwardly (or maybe out loud?) when you realize it’s time to mow the lawn once again? Do you detest the hours it takes to keep your grass short, and wish you could be spending quality time doing something you enjoy instead? Or maybe you’re just someone who regularly empties your pockets so someone else can do the labor for you?

Have you ever spent a significant amount of time weeding your lawn, only to look outside and realize the product you used hasn’t even worked? Do pests ravage your yard space, causing unsightly patches? Do your beloved pets insist on digging holes again and again?

Stop Your Moaning and Groaning

A lawn made of artificial grass will mean you never have to spend your time or money keeping it short, as it’ll never grow longer than the length you chose when you bought it. You can literally have the perfect yard every day of the year. Even better, an artificial grass lawn will never cost you such stress, as they’re designed to stop weed growth. Pets and critters can’t harm or damage it either.

As a commercial property owner, your benefits are intensified. Never again will you need to spend thousands employing someone to manage your grass areas, and repairing destroyed patches. Everyone who’s made the smart decision to switch to artificial turf can rest easy and enjoy their spaces for the long haul.

Safety Always Comes First

Is there anything more important than the guaranteed safety of your children, family and household pets? We didn’t think so.

If you or a member of your family get seasonal allergies, the last thing you’re going to want to do is spend time outside in the garden, because you’ll know the sneezing, rashes and sore eyes are on their way. Allergens live on blades of grass, meaning any amount of contact is going to wreak havoc on your system. Imagine how much better summer or spring would be if this weren’t an issue?

Have you ever stopped to consider what else lies in the soil of your back yard? Think fecal matter, worms, insects, muddy patches, and potentially sharp objects for a start. No one wants their loved ones to be exposed to these things, so eliminating soil from your garden altogether will stop it.

Microbial Silver

Artificial grass is also equipped with microbial silver. This means it will always stay clean and safe from toxic substances and bacteria.

Have a problem with rodents, insects or other creatures in your area? They’ll be much less interested in your garden once you have artificial turf installed. The lack of soil as a food source means they’ll go elsewhere to scavenge, and you can get on with enjoying your beautiful garden space without them.

A Solution That Will Last You Nearly a Lifetime

Depending on the area, some types of soil can be a little acidic, which means natural grass finds it hard to grow properly, regardless of how much effort you put into caring for it. Natural grass will also naturally die off during particularly cold and dry seasons, so it’s rarely going to look as lush as you want it to.

If that’s the case, why not just save on all this effort, money, and time and simply install an artificial lawn in the first place? They can last around 20 years and will always be perfectly green, so you’ll have a generation to enjoy it before you need to consider getting your trusted installers in again for another round!

We Offer Variety

Just as no two households or businesses are the same, no two turfs are either. That means it’s important to choose the one that harmonizes perfectly with your wants and needs. There are multiple considerations for you to take on board, such as the length of blade, exact color, and the kind of infill you’d like. Do you have pets? Children? What exactly will the turf be used for? Are you in an area with minimal rain or extensive rain?

Our team will help you to identify exactly what kind of turf you need, and then we install it for you so you can simply enjoy it. These details are vital, and we have the knowledge it takes for a successful installation.

Our Priority is Your Satisfaction

The last thing we’re interested in is installing a turf for the sake of it, leaving you wanting for more and feeling unsatisfied, too. Instead, our focus is on helping you as an individual. No matter whether you’re a homeowner wanting an aesthetically pleasing front yard, the manager of a large putting green, or the owner of a commercial property needing some pet-friendly turf, we can help you source and install the artificial grass as it should be done.

We know we’re giving you your money’s worth of product, and we’re totally confident in the service we provide. We have so many happy clients and you will be, too, when you make us your installer of choice.Get in touch with us today by visiting our Contact Us page. Tell us what solutions you need and we will be more than glad to provide them to you.



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