4 Reasons Why the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs in Phoenix is Every Pet Owners Best Friend

As lovable as man’s best friend is, taking care of a dog is not a walk in the park. It does include literally walking through the park though, as well as potty training, obedience training and regular vet visits. Most importantly, it involves creating a safe environment where a dog is free to simply be a dog. As a responsible fur parent, it’s up to you to make sure that the environment your dog plays in is safe from any potential hazards. That shouldn’t mean added work for you.

dog bully playing ball on artificial grass

Choosing the best artificial grass for dogs in Phoenix creates a safe environment for dogs with no added worry to pet owners. Dogs can work off all their energy in the yard and fur parents can relax knowing cleanup will be a breeze and that the yard will remain as tidy as ever.

Dog Owners Love their Artificial Grass Yard

More pet owners are making the shift to artificial grass. It provides a balance of safety, aesthetic and ease. Below are top four reasons why pet owners and their dogs prefer artificial grass.

Easy to clean

Artificial grass for Phoenix homes are made of long wearing polypropylene or nylon material. The quality of the material makes it easier to manage any dirt or stains that come from regular use of the turf. This is especially important for households with pets where pet waste is a real concern.

Though any solid pet waste can be dealt with on a natural grass lawn, it is difficult to get rid of urine as it soaks directly into the soil. This increases the possibility for it to breed bacteria and unpleasant odors especially in a dog’s pee spot. it is easy to clean up urine as well as disinfect the area without fear of damaging the lawn.

Low maintenance

Though Phoenix climate can run to the high 30s, there is no need to constantly tend an artificial grass lawn to keep it looking lush and green. Even at the height of summer, there will be no browning or irregular patches. It will continue looking healthy and even with very minimal upkeep.

This means there will be no need to install and expensive sprinkler system. There will be no need for bi-monthly lawn mowing. There will be no need to hire a gardener to maintain the lawn. All an grass lawn needs is a regular brush and hose down to keep it looking its best.

Artificial grass is chemical-free

Switching to the best artificial grass for dogs in Phoenix helps keep dogs healthy. This is because it needs very little attention for it to be maintained. There will be no need to use potentially dangerous substances like weed killers and pest control. Artificial turf doesn’t even need fertilizers to keep it looking well cared for. Avoiding introducing any foreign substances to the environment lessens the chance of any untoward reaction not just for dogs but for the entire family as well.

Artificial grass creates less mess

Opting for an artificial grass installation in Phoenix, AZ minimizes any mess the family pet could get into. For one, there is no need to worry about puddles with a synthetic grass lawn. This is because of built-in drainage system that keeps water from pooling on the surface. No puddles means no energetic splashing about and no muddy paw prints tracked into the house.

An artificial grass lawn also lessens any mess created by digging. It is very difficult to tear up which discourages any burrowing tendencies. This means no more doggy hidey holes and uneven mounds to blemish an otherwise immaculate lawn.

Artificial Grass is Your New Best Friend

Let us introduce you to your best friend when caring for your canine best friend. Call us at 623-232-0461 to get a quote today.

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