6 Places to Use Artificial Turf in Phoenix Besides Your Backyard

6 Places Around Your Home That Can Benefit From Artificial Turf in Phoenix

It’s easy to see why artificial turf in Phoenix has become so popular in recent years. It requires far less maintenance than natural grass while also providing an attractive aesthetic that looks great all year long.

But you don’t need a big backyard to make use of this innovative product. Artificial grass can be used almost anywhere. From outdoor patios to indoor play areas. Here are the top ways to use artificial grass beside your backyard space:

Rooftop Patios with Artificial grass

If you have a rooftop patio, you know how difficult it can be to keep plants growing up there. Rooftops aren’t the same as ground-level patios because they’re exposed to different weather conditions and typically have less plant life around them.

For these reasons, artificial turf is perfect for your rooftop setting. You can enjoy an attractive outdoor area without having to worry about maintaining real grass or dealing with plants that won’t survive their rooftop environment.

Pet Zones

Artificial turf is designed to withstand heavy traffic and pet playtime. Making it the perfect solution for pet owners who want a safe and attractive play space for their furry friends.

This durable material won’t get destroyed by your pets’ claws or paws. Allowing them to run freely without causing damage to your home’s landscaping.

Artificial grass in Phoenix is also the perfect solution for pet owners who are tired of cleaning up after their furry friends. Not only does artificial turf create a clean, safe environment for your pets, it also helps eliminate odors from dirt and urine.

Play Areas with Artificial grass

If you have kids at home, artificial turf is a great option for play areas around the house. It’s soft and not slippery, making it safer for children.

Plus, it’s easy to maintain! Just hose off any dirt that accumulates on the turf and it will look good as new. This makes it perfect for playgrounds, as well as other play areas around the house, such as poolsides or patios.

Synthetic turf also works great in backyards where kids might want to play outside, but you don’t want them tracking mud through the house. This is because it can be used to cover the ground, and it doesn’t get muddy when wet.

Balconies and Decks

Artificial turf in Phoenix is a great choice for outdoor spaces that don’t get a lot of use, such as balconies and decks. It can transform these areas from underutilized spaces into comfortable outdoor lounges.

Whether you have a balcony or deck that’s exposed to the sun or one that might get rained on frequently, synthetic grass will work well in those spaces.

Artificial grass is UV-resistant and mold-resistant. Its drainage system makes it easy for rainwater to run through the turf so the grass stays clean and dry.

Putting Greens

If you’re a golfer, you probably have a putting green somewhere on your property. While putting greens are a great addition to any yard, they’re not always easy to maintain. That’s where artificial grass comes in handy.

Synthetic turf looks and feels just like natural grass, but doesn’t require any maintenance or care. It also comes in variants that are designed to provide the same ball roll quality as golf courses.


You can also use artificial grass around your pool to create a unique and comfortable place to sunbathe or spend time with your family.

Artificial grass is completely safe to walk on with bare feet. It dries quickly if you happen to get it wet or if it gets splashed by the pool. It also doesn’t get slippery when wet.

You can have artificial turf installed in areas where you plan to be seated for long periods of time, like around a hot tub or pool deck.

Get Creative With Your Artificial Grass Installation in Phoenix, AZ

Because you can install synthetic turf on different surfaces, such as soil, concrete and asphalt, there’s almost no limit to the places you can apply it to. If you want to identify all the areas around your home that can benefit from synthetic turf, Phoenix Artificial Grass Pros can help you out!

Let our experts give you a rundown of how you can make the most of synthetic turf. And once you’ve decided on a spot for your installation, you can count on us to get the job done in no time. Call us now at 623-232-0461 or contact us online, and let’s talk about your project!

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