A Guide to Keeping Your Artificial Grass Putting Greens in Phoenix Weed-Free

Artificial grass putting greens in Phoenix are a lot better at repelling weeds than natural grass. They’re made of a naturally weed-proof material, and their drainage system keeps water from staying on the surface and supporting weed growth.

But, unavoidable situations such as the annual pollen season and dormant seed emergence still lead to unwanted sprouts. While they can’t directly damage the grass fibers, they create bumps on your backyard putting green and affect playability.

Don’t let weeds get in the way of you and your game— use this easy guide to stay on top of weed growth.

brushing artificial grass

Why and Where Weeds Usually Appear in Putting Greens

Weeds are hardy plants that will grow in any condition given the right amount of nutrients. They typically emerge in these areas:

  • Lawn Edges

Sprouts can appear at the edges of the lawn where the artificial turf layer ends. This might be due to gaps during the installation process that wasn’t completely sealed. To prevent this, hire only a top-notch company that has the expertise to prepare your base layer correctly.

  • Gardens with Living Plants

Putting greens surrounded by trees and living plants attracts birds, insects and other pollinators. They can spread unwanted seeds in your backyard when they leave droppings or move from one plant to another.

How to Keep Your Putting Green Weed-Free

Although some of these conditions are not preventable, you can still do many things to maintain a weed-free artificial turf in Phoenix. Here are some ways to protect your putting green:

  1. Brush Your Putting Greens Lawn Often

Seeds and pollen are plentiful at dawn and present in the air almost all year long. These may land on your backyard putting greens.

To stop them from taking root in the first place, you should brush synthetic grass regularly. Use a stiff tool with soft bristles to protect the piles from damage. Not only will this get rid of seeds, but it’ll also lift the fibers up and keep their shape.

  1. Apply Mulch on Bare Areas

If you have hedgerows, trees or flowerbeds, cover their soil layer with mulch or rocks. Some types you can use are shredded bark or leaves, pine needles, straw and pebbles.

These block out sunlight, preventing weed seeds from getting enough nutrients. To make sure that the surface will not harbor new seeds, replace them frequently.

  1. Have an Efficient Drainage System

Perennial weeds found deep beneath the soil layer can benefit from even the smallest amount of moisture. An efficient drainage system prevents the collection of moisture and keeps your putting green dry.

That’s why it’s so important to hire the best professionals for artificial grass installation in Phoenix, AZ. Not only are they well-versed in installing the turf drainage layer, but they also know how to redirect runoff to prevent puddles and flooding on your green

  1. Prune Living Plants

Airborne pollen can cling to shrub and tree leaves and fall on your lawn. Weed emergence is highly likely in this situation, especially at your turf seams closest to the plants.

Pruning overhanging foliage prevents the seeds from reaching your lawn. This also protects your grass piles from damage due to falling branches.

Keep Your Putting Greens Pristine All Year Long

Artificial grass can eliminate most weeds from your putting green, but these pesky plants are incredibly stubborn. The good news is that it doesn’t take a lot of hard work to keep your green weed-free. Want more maintenance tips or interested in upgrading your home with artificial grass putting greens in Phoenix? Call Phoenix Artificial Grass Pros at 623-232-0461 today!

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