Artificial Turf in Phoenix: Big-Time Beauty for Small Yards

outdoor pool artificial turf

Many homeowners lack the space for a yard, but that doesn’t mean having to give up the dream of having an outdoor living space. With professionals working on your project, anything is possible with artificial turf in Phoenix— even turning small backyards into a relaxing, lush oasis. Kickstart your yard makeover with these creative ideas using synthetic grass!

A Artificial Turf Little Green Retreat

If you have a small fenced space or a tiny apartment balcony, this design is perfect for you. Cover the area end to end with artificial grass. To make the space cozier, add a couple of outdoor chairs or benches. You can try going for rattan chairs because they are as tough as artificial grass and perfect for any weather.

Complete the look with fairy lights, your favorite plants or flowers, and colorful candle holders.

Contemporary Small Back Garden

A small, square-shaped yard is perfect for turning into a modern garden. Before artificial grass installation in Phoenix, AZ, talk to your installer about integrating it with concrete slabs and pebble pathways. You can also incorporate a concrete partition for the seating area.

Get creative with how you can make the garden more visually pleasing. For instance, try lining the corners with bamboo or tall grass. Make it your own!

Whimsical Front Yard

Is the front of your house looking boring? Time to spruce it up! To achieve the perfect lawn, go for artificial grass in Phoenix. Synthetic grass stays green throughout the year, making your home stand out from the rest.

After the turf has been laid out, add your favorite flowers and line them up with your pathway. Mix in bushes and taller plants for visual contrast.

To finish the look, set up an arch flower or vine décor around your door frame. You can also add a flower or vine rack on both sides of your door for natural framing.

Bench Swings and Windy Breeze

Treat your kids to a mini-park with the help of artificial grass! Aside from plants and decorations, a bench swing is another great addition if you have extra space.

Build a freestanding arbor frame. Or, to save you from the manual work, you can go for a store-bought frame. All that matters is that it is sturdy enough for a wooden bench swing. A one-seater swing is perfect for a small yard. Artificial grass provides cushion, so don’t worry about the little ones falling off.

Artificial Turf: The Perfect Choice for Every Garden

Big or small, your home and backyard deserve the best-looking lawn possible. Go synthetic today and enjoy the many advantages of artificial grass. Call the Phoenix Artificial Grass Pros now at 623-232-0461 and learn more about artificial turf in Phoenix!

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