Artificial Turf in Phoenix: The Secret to a Flea and Tick-Free Backyard

The Secret to a Flea and Tick-Free Backyard

Fleas and ticks are irritating pests that can infest yards and create havoc for both families and pets. It’s nearly impossible to remove them permanently from a natural lawn, but you stand a greater chance against them if you’re using artificial turf in Phoenix

In fact, synthetic turf can help you remove them from your backyard for good. Here’s how:

Removes sources of food for ticks and fleas

Artificial grass is usually made of polyethylene or nylon and therefore won’t support most insects that feed on plant matter or nutrients in the soil. Because of this, it is unlikely that fleas or ticks will try to set up shop on the new turf.

Eliminates flea and tick breeding areas

Next, artificial grass installation in Phoenix, AZ doesn’t retain moisture so fleas and ticks can’t reproduce inside your yard. Specifically, these pests require moist, warm areas in which to lay their eggs and develop.

These areas are very common on a natural lawn, which is why most people end up with a flea infestation when they have real grass in the yard. In contrast, synthetic turf dries out quickly no matter how hard it rains or how often you rinse out your turf. No moisture, no place for fleas and ticks to multiply.

Makes it easier to keep the lawn clean and pest-free

Fleas and ticks aren’t just attracted to moist areas; they also flock towards pet waste. Unfortunately, it’s hard to keep a natural lawn clean and sanitary if you have a dog around. 

For instance, pet urine quickly seeps into the soil and hosing it down won’t help flush it from your yard. As for pet poop, any residue is equally hard to clean up. As a result, your backyard may eventually become not just a breeding ground for fleas and ticks, but for other pests like mosquitoes and flies as well.

Fortunately, it’s much easier to clean pet waste off artificial grass in Phoenix. With a simple hose, you can easily wash away urine and poop residue. You can also apply a cleaning agent to remove bacteria and reduce the chances of attracting pests to your yard.

Get Rid of Fleas and Ticks with Artificial Turf in Phoenix

When it comes to protecting your dog from pests like fleas and ticks, artificial grass is a great option. It also keeps them safe from grass allergies and other common lawn dangers.

Finally, our team can install pet turf in any yard or on top of concrete surfaces – virtually anywhere in your home! It’s also durable enough that you don’t have to worry about your pet tearing up the lawn as they play outside. 

To learn more about all the benefits of installing artificial lawns for pets, contact us today at 623-232-0461 or fill up this simple form. We’re happy to answer any questions and provide additional information so you can make an informed decision before moving forward with this project.

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