Awesome Al Fresco Dining Ideas on Artificial Grass in Phoenix

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Dining al fresco is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately, doing it on natural grass is not a good idea. Lawns can get muddy, and are often full of little insects and critters that won’t hesitate to come out and join you for dinner. If your heart is set on eating out on your lawn, don’t fret. Artificial grass in Phoenix offers the perfect solution to your dining dilemma.

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Outdoor Dining Areas

Synthetic turf enhances al fresco dining areas in ways that real grass can never match.

Easy to Clean Up Food and Drink Spills

Spills are common in dining areas and they’re usually difficult to clean—but not when they happen on synthetic grass. Artificial grass does not absorb food or drink spills, so cleaning it up is as simple as removing solid waste and wiping liquids away with a wet towel.

Doesn’t Stain or Retain Odors

Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf won’t wilt or develop stains from sticky spills. Odors also won’t linger on it once the spills are cleaned off. That means it won’t attract flies, ants and other pests to your outdoor dining area. Likewise, if you have guests that like to use cigarettes after eating, you can be sure that the smoke smell won’t cling to the turf.

Withstands Foot Traffic, Heavy Furniture and Bad Weather

Synthetic grass stays lush and green even when a lot of people walk on it and you place dining furniture on top of it. Rain, snow and other bad weather conditions also have no lasting impact on it. It dries quickly after rain and while its fibers can freeze during winter, they’ll melt come spring and be good as new after a good rinsing.

Al Fresco Dining Ideas for Artificial Lawns

Here are some ways you can put your artificial grass installation in Phoenix, AZ to use as you enjoy al fresco dining with friends and family:

Garden Party

Set up a long table and benches on your lawn, and fill the center with flowers, plants and other greenery. Bring out your best glassware and china, and treat your family and friends to an intimate dinner.

Want to make the experience even better? Ask your guests to not wear any footwear throughout the meal so they can enjoy your soft, lush synthetic turf underfoot.

Picnic Food Truck

Bring in a food truck or two and park them close to your synthetic lawn. Don’t park them on your turf because their heavy weight combined with their tire movement can damage your lawn.

Then, hand out blankets for your guests to sit on and let them choose which delicious eats they like best.

Backyard BBQ

Get the grill going for a casual barbecue. Set up picnic tables or simply spread blankets on your synthetic lawn for an authentic backyard BBQ experience.

Make sure to keep some distance between your grill and artificial lawn. While artificial grass in Phoenix is not flammable like natural grass, it can still melt when it comes in contact with coals and other hot items.

Movie Night

It’s easy to turn your artificial lawn into a home movie theater. All you need is an outdoor projector, some films (or shows), and a lot of snacks and beverages. Then kick back on some blankets, relax on your soft artificial grass and enjoy the show!

Don’t worry about any food or drink spills happening in the dark. Remember, it’s easy to clean up artificial grass.

Romantic Dinner

What better way to spend some quality time with your significant other than with a romantic dinner on your synthetic lawn?

Place a long table with two chairs across from each other on your lawn and deck it out with flowers and candles. If you have string lights in your yard, hang them around the area to give your setup a romantic feel. And voila! You’ve created the perfect date night set-up right outside your door.

Not sure how to start transforming your al fresco dining area with synthetic turf? These design tips might help.

Take Your Outdoor Dining Experience Up a Notch With Artificial Turf in Phoenix

Whether you’re in the market for synthetic turf for your dining area, installation services to set it up or both, look no further than Phoenix Artificial Grass Pros.

Choose from our wide array of on-hand and ready-to-install synthetic turf products for landscaping. Then, let our professional installers transform your al fresco dining area. They can get the job done in a matter of hours or days, depending on the size of your yard.

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