By now you might have decided that having artificial grass installed at your Phoenix home is a good way to make your property more beautiful. True enough, the greenery – however synthetic – will enliven your yard and contrast strikingly with the surrounding palette, whether that be the colors of a sprawling desert or a sun-washed neighborhood. But in transforming your property to pop with personality, why stop with a simple lawn?

Like you could do to a natural lawn, you can plan to add garden and landscaping features to a yard made of artificial grass. In natural lawns as in synthetic ones, the outcome could be nothing short of charming.

Here are five features that can help you spruce things up.

Live plants

Just because you have an artificial grass lawn doesn’t mean you can’t have a garden. You can ask an experienced turf installer like Phoenix Artificial Grass Pros to install stretches of synthetic grass that leave enough room for plant beds or flower boxes.

Making room for flora should not undermine your efforts to conserve water. Arizona is rich with shrubs, succulents, and other landscaping plants that can thrive in desert climates. These varieties require minimal care and watering. You can take your pick of the most dramatic or colorful ones, integrate them into your landscaping, and give your yard impressive focal points.


Nothing punctuates the Southwestern landscape like a mesquite or a palo verde – and you can have these iconic trees right in your own yard.

Trees can easily grow within artificial turf. Moreover, they are a better pair; trees and natural grass can compete for the same resources, with trees potentially becoming harmful to natural turf’s health.

When you have rolls of turf installed, make sure they can be cut to form a tree ring. This patch of land should be easily irrigated and not have base rock.


Shrubs and succulents can make good features along with a clean lawn. But what about topiaries? These sculpted plants – whether they form geometric or animal shapes – are instant eye-catchers and can also provide fencing and shade. Trimming them might be easier than mowing a full lawn, if they are neither too large nor too many.

If you’re worried that maintaining plant sculptures will cancel out the time and resources you save by having artificial grass, think again. Artificial topiaries are also available.

Rock gardens and stone landscaping

Your additional features need not all be greenery, either. Take inspiration from the deserts surrounding Phoenix, and imagine how an austere topography of rocks and sand could also look around your property.

Small boulders make for strong focal points, and some elegantly hewn ones can stand as sculptural centerpieces. Stone paths and flagstone pavers can be artistically designed to create patterns against the grass.

If you’re adding plant beds and tree rings, you can also use rocks as mulch and groundcover. Pebbles with red, brown, and yellowish hues not only evoke the desert; they can provide good contrast against the deep greens of artificial grass and foliage.

Patio furniture

To enjoy a garden and natural grass lawn, you might consider building a deck or gazebo from which to take in its views – free from the inconveniences of dirt staining your furniture, or pests bothering your rest.

With a carpet of artificial grass, you can skip constructing an outdoor seating area and simply bring out your chairs and tables, creating a living space on your lawn or backyard itself.

Which features will you choose to spruce up your lawn? Regardless of your choice, a professional artificial grass installation team can help you lay out the foundation for that project.

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