Real grass is a lot of work. First, there is the irrigation system. You’ll have to spend countless wasted Saturdays digging up sprinkler heads or adjusting spray patterns, only to find your freshly waxed car sprayed yet again with hard water drops. Mowing is not fun either. Who wants to push an exhaust spewing mower when it’s 90 degrees out?

There’s also the age-old debate about winter lawn and summer lawn. It can be maddening. When do you reseed? When do you mulch? Twice a year is too often to nurse a new lawn back to health, and it requires entirely too much water.

Artificial Turf is Low Maintenance and Versatile

Artificial turf stays green and full in the shade. It is practically impervious to weeds. You don’t water it, you hose it off. You can head to the beach for two weeks and it will still look perfect when you come home. It looks great in a small space like the corner of your patio or in a huge installation across the entire backyard. It can do almost anything, and once it’s in, you don’t have to worry about it again.

Synthetic Grass Can be Used Anywhere for Anything

Dogs love it. Installing artificial grass in a dog run is a perfect solution. It won’t turn yellow. No paths will be worn into the clay. If shaded, the dogs can use the run year-round.  It is also an attractive addition to the yard.

Turf is perfect for sport courts too. Volleyball on synthetic grass is fun and much cleaner than playing in sand. Croquet anyone? The balls roll true and the wickets leave no damage. Anything you can do on natural grass you can do on turf, and you can do it anytime. The lawn will always be ready because you won’t have to stop the game when the sprinklers come on or during re-seeding season.

Pavers running through a lawn is an attractive design, but have you ever tried to cut that grass?  Every step can be nerve racking. Just one pothole, and that blade is sure to hit the flagstone, causing who knows how much damage and destruction. Artificial lawn is a much better overall solution. Once installed it always stays the same length and the same color. There is no maintenance required.

Want to practice your putting without leaving home? If you have ever tried to install real tiff grass, you know how fickle it can be. Artificial greens, on the other hand, have short tight blades that come straight from the factory. You can even custom design your hole to make practice more challenging, and it’s ready to go every time you pick up your putter.

For Less Maintenance and More Fun Consider Going Artificial

The next time you mow your lawn or reseed your grass, stop and think about what you could be doing instead if you installed artificial turf. It is versatile, durable and makes keeping your yard maintained easy. Whether you want to putt better, or spike a volleyball straight down, consider artificial grass. It will make your life easier.


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