As an evergreen product, the sky is the limit to how you can enjoy a well laid out artificial grass. Any property owner, especially in areas like Phoenix, Arizona, would certainly want to invest in this viable alternative to natural grass. Not only is it long-lasting and durable, but it is also low maintenance and thereby more cost-efficient.

It can also do a lot for improving the appearance of your lawn, which makes your property a lot more inviting and appealing overall. It doesn’t hurt, either, that having green space in your property can help you relax and de-stress. Indeed, there are a lot more benefits to using artificial grass than simply doing away with the lawnmower. To make the most out of this investment, here are some creative ideas you can consider.

Poolside Lawn

This is a great area to put artificial grass in. Have you ever experienced hosting a pool party only to have mud being constantly tracked into the house from outside? It’s such a hassle to clean up, but kids and pets alike are more likely to not realize the damage they’re causing when they’re plain having fun. You could simply remove the grass altogether, but then just having tiles for the ground can get slippery and dangerous.

The middle ground therefore is the use of artificial grass. It’s perfect because it gives you the cushion-feel you get from actual grass, but without the stressful mud tracks as people come up from the pool and walk over it. It also provides grip and traction, which makes it much safer for people who could slip and fall. Of course, let’s not forget to mention the aesthetic contrast of the green against the pool’s blue.

Private Putting Greens

How would you like to have your own private putting greens? If you have enough space in your yard, perhaps in the pool area, then this is definitely a good idea to consider so you can put the space to good use. Artificial grass is perfect for this task because you won’t have to worry about dislodging patches of soil. One of the more common issues in golfing is how the grass keeps getting uprooted, and the course looks all blotchy and uneven.

You won’t have that problem with artificial grass for your putting green because the synthetic blades are just going to stay put. Swing away your stress while taking in the refreshing sights of the greens all year round. Keep at it and soon you just might be showing off your home-grown putting skills in an actual tournament.

Indoor Garden

What if you don’t have the space outside but would really like to have a garden space? Well then, just open up a space inside your home, install artificial turf, and voila! You have an indoor garden. Of course that depiction is a lot more simplistic than it actually is in real life, but the truth of the matter is that there are plenty of viable and feasible design options that you can look to so you can pull this off.

For example, small spaces beside stairways usually end up as random storage. If there is wide enough space, you can put a window right on that side of the wall and then set up a mini-garden on that spot. Accessorize it with live indoor plants to complete the feel. The light filtering in from the window would add to the natural effect, giving your eyes a refreshing break from the monotony of interior design.

You could also go for a mini garden smack in the middle of the house, and perhaps even put a sunroof over it so you can really mimic the feel of standing outside in your garden. The point is that it is very much possible to have artificial grass installed just about anywhere (even in rooftops, in fact), so there’s really no stopping you from making the most of its design potential.

For all of these wonderful plans, you’ll need the help of professional installer, such as Phoenix Artificial Grass Pros, so you can achieve your desired effect.


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