Do You Need a Large Yard for Phoenix Artificial Turf Putting Greens? (+ 4 Other FAQs and Answers)

Whether you’re a serious golfer or just love to tee off in your spare time, you won’t regret investing in artificial turf for Phoenix putting greens. Imagine never having to drive all the way to the local golf course just to get a few shots in. Putting practice? Any time you want, as long as you’d like. You can also invite everyone you know to share the game with you— no membership fees required.

But like any investment, you shouldn’t dive into this blind. After all, a backyard putting green is nothing like adding a new outdoor dining set or more plants. It’s a significant change to your landscape and home.

To help you make a decision, our team at Phoenix Artificial Grass Pros has put together honest answers to some of the most common questions people ask us about putting greens.

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Artificial Putting Greens in Phoenix: 5 FAQs and Answers

  • 1. Do I need a large yard to have my own putting green?

    No. We can fully customize putting greens to fit any yard, no matter the shape or size. Only have a side yard to spare? It’s perfect for a putting strip, with added features like elevations to make it challenging. Bigger properties can accommodate a multi-hole course complete with bunkers, sand pits and other fun features.

    Our experienced installers know how to maximize your yard’s existing terrain and natural features to create a pro-quality green that fits your golfing style.

  • 2. How do I pick the perfect synthetic grass for my putting green?

    Well, you talk to us! We don’t offer one-size-fits-all artificial grass installation in Phoenix, AZ.

    First, we’ll discuss what you actually want out of your putting green. What kind of golfing skills would you like to practice on it? Is there a specific look or grass shade you’d like to go for? Once we understand what you have in mind, we’ll go over several options and help you pick the right one.

  • 3. Is it possible to customize my putting green with features?

    Absolutely. A high level of customization is something you just can’t get with a ready-made putting green. In contrast, there are so many ways to install synthetic grass for a lifetime putting green that will challenge and surprise you. Some options are:

    • Fringes
    • Tee boxes
    • Bunkers
    • Sand pits
    • Flags and other markers
    • Multiple holes
    • Elevations
    • Corners
    • Slopes and undulations
    • Breaks
    • Etc.

    Of course, it will still depend on what your yard can accommodate. You may also want other additions, such as privacy hedges so you can enjoy the game in peace. No matter what, however, trust us to do our best to give you the putting green of your dreams.

  • 4. Is it okay to DIY my backyard putting green?

    It’s possible, yes. But we do not recommend it. Installing artificial grass putting greens in Phoenix is a highly-technical process. Without the right tools and experience, you’re placing not just your putting green, but your entire synthetic turf system at risk.

    Even the smallest mistake can ruin your investment. Failed to level the ground properly? This can cause flooding. Forgot to let your turf rest and settle? Say hello to wrinkles on your putting green.

    In addition, keep in mind that a backyard putting green will last for at least 8 years and as long as 25 years. DIY installation can save you a few bucks today, but professionals can ensure that your putting green will stay perfect for many years to come.

  • 5. Can I still have a putting green if I don’t have a backyard?

    Yes. Unlike real grass, artificial turf in Phoenix can be installed on almost any surface— even up walls! If you don’t have a yard, we can install your putting green on your roof deck, in your office, balcony, terrace, you name it.

Enjoy Your Very Own Synthetic Putting Green in Phoenix!

Having a backyard putting green is a dream come true for golfers of all skill levels. Bring your ideas to life with Phoenix Artificial Grass Pros! Call us today at 623-232-0461 to receive a FREE quote on your artificial putting green or send us a message here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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