Does Artificial Turf Phoenix Get Too Hot? (+ 5 Ways to Keep it Cool in the Summer!)

Arizona’s summers can be brutal, not just on its residents, but also for backyards throughout the state. It’s not uncommon to see natural lawns wilting and turning brown during the dog days of summer. In contrast, artificial turf in Phoenix stays green the entire year regardless of the season.

However, one question we get a lot is how hot synthetic turf gets. When you’re trying to escape from the blistering heat, the last thing you want is an even hotter lawn.

artificial turf get hotter

Does artificial turf in Phoenix get hotter than real grass?

Artificial grass gets a little hotter than real grass, because it doesn’t hold on to moisture as well as natural grass does. In fact, artificial grass in Phoenix doesn’t collect moisture at all, because it all goes straight down the drainage system.

This is why artificial lawns are so resistant to weeds, mold, fungi, bacteria and pests, not to mention flooding and puddles.

That same feature, however, means artificial grass surfaces can get a bit warmer than real grass, but not by much. Proper installation reduces that even further.

Heat Protection and Artificial Grass in Phoenix

Artificial grass experts can provide a range of infill options and materials to lower surface temperatures during hot weather. These include:


  • UV-treated artificial grass in lighter colors
  • Infill in lighter colors
  • Non-rubber infill
  • Installing artificial grass in shaded areas
  • Incorporating trees, shrubs and plants into your synthetic lawn design


The perfect combo of light-colored grass, heat-reducing infill and strategic design plus location can keep the surface heat down, especially during the summer.

5 Ways to Cool Down Phoenix Artificial Grass in the Summer

Artificial or natural, no lawn can escape Arizona’s heat. However, there are some great ways to bring your synthetic lawn to a more comfortable temperature, particularly during the peak of summer. Try the following:

    • Spray it with water

      Use a garden hose to spray down your turf. Unlike real grass, synthetic turf won’t get muddy, so don’t be afraid to get it really wet. You don’t have to do this often— only when you want to cool down your lawn fast.


    • Install water features

      Add some water features to help cool down the area by creating a small stream or pond. Fountains, waterfalls and splash pads are terrific ideas, too.



    • Insulate with sand infill

      Spread some sand infill on top for added insulation from the heat.


    • Increase shade with trees and plants

      Keep artificial grass away from direct sunlight by planting trees or other plants around it. This way, you can enjoy your lawn even when Phoenix’s temperatures are soaring! This also adds more color and life to your synthetic lawn, so that’s a win-win situation.


Learn more about Artificial Grass – Ask us anything!

Finally, artificial grass is a great option for folks in Arizona because it stays beautiful no matter the season. It also requires less maintenance than real grass, which means more time to spend with your loved ones or on other important tasks!

We’d love to hear from you— what other concerns do you have about artificial grass?

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