How to Design a Peaceful Garden with Artificial Turf in Phoenix

Now more than ever, it’s essential to have a quiet space where you can retreat and relax. For most people, this means creating a private garden away from their busy lives. Using artificial turf in Phoenix, you can create a beautiful, tranquil space that requires little to no maintenance.

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How to Use Synthetic Turf to Create a Calming Garden

Using different design elements, you can create a peaceful garden with the use of artificial grass. Here are the following tips to keep in mind:

1. Practice simplicity

Your personal garden should bring you a sense of peace and contentment when you step into it. Hence, keep it neat and straightforward. You can lay synthetic turf on the lawn and balance it with curving plants. If you’re using low-level elements such as succulents, there must be high elements like vines or hanging plants to balance it out.

The key is thinking that every element and every piece is part of a whole. If you have limited space at home, consider using smaller objects to prevent the sense of getting overwhelmed with lots of big, unnecessary stuff.

2. Follow minimalism with rocks and sculptures

One of the main elements of creating a peaceful, minimalist garden is stone. Fortunately, no matter what type of stone you use, it cannot damage artificial grass in Phoenix. Synthetic turf can handle any weight and any materials—including big and heavy rocks.

When choosing stones, remember that there are no rules! Choose the size and type of rocks that you want. Place it in an odd pattern. You can also cover one part of the garden with a huge boulder or create a pathway using flagstones. Sculptures and stepping stones are also good ideas.

3. Add a water feature

A popular peaceful garden design is a strolling garden. These tranquil spaces will entice you into walking around to relieve yourself from stress with a scenic view. Synthetic turf proves to be very useful as you can use it to separate pathways from one way to another. It also blends nicely with flowers, trees and shrubs that you want to incorporate.

For the borders, you can use paving stones. At the end of the path, install a pond. Surround it with artificial grass to keep the surroundings dry. The pond is there for you to admire, so it’s essential to keep it tidy all the time with artificial grass installation in Phoenix AZ.

The Best Artificial Turf in Phoenix for Gardens

Creating your own meditation space is possible with artificial grass, no matter the size of your yard. What kind of garden design do you have in mind? Our talented landscapers here at Phoenix Artificial Grass Pros would love to help. We offer free estimates for backyard landscaping, so call us today at 623-232-0461 to get a FREE quote.

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