Why Use Artificial Grass Installation in Phoenix, AZ for Backyard Putting Greens

Phoenix, AZ for Backyard Putting Greens

Having a putting green setup in the backyard is amazingly convenient for an avid golfer. You can practice at the comfort of your home any time you wish. This does wonders to your game! You can practice in the morning before going to work or at night when you get home. If you are planning to transform your backyard by adding a putting green, it is recommended to go for an high quality artificial grass installation in Phoenix, AZ.

Benefits of Using Artificial Grass on Backyard Putting Greens

Artificial grass is so much better for your backyard putting green than natural grass. Here are four reasons why you should choose artificial over natural grass.

  1. Low maintenance

    When you use natural grass, you have to water the yard and add fertilizer to keep the grass alive. You also need to keep the grass trimmed at the right length for optimized ball roll and flexibility. There’s just so much to think about with natural grass.

    Artificial turf in Phoenix, on the other hand, does not need constant care. Once it’s installed, it takes very little effort to maintain. There’s no need to water, trim or fertilize. Enjoy playing your golf games more while worrying less.


  3. Saves you money

    As mentioned earlier, artificial grass is super low maintenance. It saves you money by eliminating the need for associated maintenance costs. Since you don’t need to fertilize, mow or trim, there is no need to buy fertilizers or pay for a gardener.

    Artificial grass doesn’t need to be hydrated. Not having to water the artificial turf means you also save on your water bill! Hosing the artificial turf down to clean it also uses water but the consumption is minimal compared to constantly watering a yard.


  5. Lets you play all year round

    Putting greens made of artificial turf stays perfectly manicured in any weather. Play whenever because artificial grass lawns looks and feels the same all year long. It stays green whether it’s hot, cold, dry or wet. No need to wait for grass to grow or mow your yard. Have fun with your backyard putting green with artificial grass installation in Phoenix, AZ any day of the year.


  7. Durable

    The material used allows for a consistent surface that also provides excellent roll and ball speed. Repeated use typically ruins natural grass over time. With artificial turf, you can keep playing without worrying about damaging the grass.

    Practice your swing as much as you want. You don’t have to worry about ruining any spot in your putting green setup.


Go for Green

Transforming your backyard into your very own golf haven can be a daunting task. Make sure you get the putting green setup that matches your play requirements with the help of skilled and experienced professionals. Phoenix Artificial Grass Pros can help bring your vision to life. Call us at 623-232-0461 to discuss your project and get a free quote!

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