Artificial Grass and Pets: How to Keep Odors at Bay

How to Keep Your Artificial Grass Fresh With Pets - phoenix

Although artificial grass is durable and pet-friendly, lingering pet odors can still develop without a proper maintenance routine. Dog urine contains ammonia, which, when left untreated, breaks down and creates a strong, unpleasant smell. This can cause bacteria to grow within the turf fibers and drainage layer. 

The good news is that it’s super easy to keep artificial grass in Phoenix clean and odor-free, no matter how many dogs use your backyard to go potty. Keep the following in mind:

1. Rinse ASAP and Repeat

The most basic way to keep odors under control is to hose down the areas your pets use regularly. This helps to dilute the remaining urine and wash away any debris from solid waste. It’s best to rinse these areas immediately after your pet relieves itself. 

We also recommend training your dog to do their business within a designated area. Instead of searching for accidents all over the house or yard, you can focus on cleaning a specific area regularly.

2. Use Cleaning Products Designed for Pet Odors

While regular detergent will work fine, it’s best to use pet enzyme cleaners and deodorizers to clean up after your dog. These products are formulated to break down uric acid and other odor-causing compounds in pet urine. Most are also safe for both artificial grass and pets. 

3. Schedule Regular Deep Cleaning

Occasional deep cleanings can help to freshen up dog friendly artificial grass even more. You can either do this yourself with a pressure washer (use in a gentle setting) or hire a professional cleaning service specializing in artificial grass. Once or twice a year is a good schedule to follow.

4. Check Your Drainage System

A well-designed drainage system is crucial for preventing urine from pooling beneath the turf. If you’ve been keeping up with maintenance but still struggling with bad odors, this could be the issue. Let us know and we can schedule an inspection to diagnose drainage problems with your artificial lawn.

5. Consider a Specialized Infill

Some infills have odor-absorbing properties to neutralize ammonia from urine. We offer these as options for artificial grass and we can discuss suitable products during your free consultation.

Enjoy the Added Benefits of Artificial Grass for Your Pets

Aside from preventing odors, artificial grass provides numerous benefits for your furry friends:

  • Durability: Artificial grass stands up well to your pet’s digging and running, unlike natural grass.
  • No Muddy Paws: No more battling muddy paws – your home and your pet stay cleaner after outside time.
  • Chemical-Free: Artificial grass eliminates the need for pesticides and fertilizers, keeping your pet safe from potentially harmful chemicals.
  • Reduces Fleas and Ticks: Artificial grass offers fewer places for fleas and ticks to hide, helping keep your pet and your home pest-free. 

Learn More

If you have questions about odor control or want to discuss how artificial grass can benefit you and your pets, contact Phoenix Artificial Grass Pros. We offer free consultations and quotes for any project, from pet turf to landscaping, artificial grass for playgrounds, and more. Get started by calling 623-462-3819 or filling out this form.

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