Golf with A View: Artificial Grass Putting Greens in Phoenix Rooftops

artificial grass putting greens in rooftops

Would you be more excited to practice putting and chipping if your green came with a fantastic view? This may explain why more golf fans are installing artificial grass putting greens in Phoenix rooftops.

While most putting greens are installed in the backyard, rooftop installations are no more expensive or complicated in the hands of experienced installers. As long as there’s a wall around the rooftop perimeter, it will stop balls from falling off and block strong winds from blowing the putting green away. In some cases, all it takes is to secure a putting platform onto the rooftop to get everything to stay in place.

It’s convenient, beautiful and comes with all the amazing benefits of turf— if you’re looking for a unique place to install you artificial putting green, your rooftop just might be the perfect place.

Why Rooftops Are Ideal for Artificial Putting Greens

Artificial grass putting greens in Phoenix offer a serious training aid and a fun, relaxing break from daily life. However, not every lawn has the capacity to accommodate a green, or you may simply prefer to locate it elsewhere. If that’s the case, consider your rooftop and its advantages:


  • Customize the way you play golf.


    As long as the size of your rooftop can accommodate it, the sky’s the limit when it comes to putting green design. Add elements like several holes, ridges, different cuts of rough and a chipping island to complete the green. Make sure to consult your installer to see if your vision will work on your rooftop, or if it needs to be tweaked some more.


  • Turf systems are light enough for rooftops.


    Artificial grass in Phoenix is much lighter than real grass. This makes it a better choice than real grass which is heavy due to the soil, and it’s hard to maintain it on an elevated surface like roofs as well.


  • Rooftop putting greens are designed for safety.


    Special permits aren’t usually required to install putting surfaces because they’re considered landscaping. Do check with your installer regarding drainage regulations and safety requirements for your rooftop putting green.

    In general, though, all it takes is safety netting to prevent stray putts from bounding out of your roof. You may also consider installing higher railings, especially when you have children who’ll be using the green.


  • It’s easy to maintain rooftop putting greens.


    Once your green is done, the next challenge is keeping it in top shape. This task is super easy when you’re dealing with synthetic grass. To protect your green against dirt and grime, use a blower or even a vacuum to regularly to remove debris. Brush it from time to time to keep the surface lush.

    You can also have your installer conduct a thorough brushing and cleaning at least once a year. Otherwise, artificial putting greens don’t need much attention and upkeep to remain in excellent condition.


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