Refresh Your Phoenix Patio with Artificial Grass in Phoenix: What You Need to Know

Give Your Patio an Upgrade with Artificial Grass-phoenix

If your Phoenix patio could use a refresh but you don’t want to deal with natural grass maintenance, artificial turf may be the perfect solution. Installing synthetic grass on your patio can provide a gorgeous, lush look without the hassle of watering, mowing or dealing with bare spots. But before you call an artificial grass company, there are some key things homeowners should know.

Why Artificial Turf Works Wonders for Patios

Artificial grass offers many practical benefits that make it an ideal patio surface material in the Phoenix climate.

Enhances Curb AppealSynthetic turf looks just like natural grass but stays perpetually green and lush. It adds beautiful landscape appeal to patios year-round.

Low MaintenanceThere’s no mowing, watering, fertilizing or dealing with muddy bare spots. Just occasional brushing and hosing down to keep it clean.

Withstands Heavy UseSynthetic grass is perfect for high-traffic areas and stands up well to kids and pets. No more bald patches like with real grass.

Provides Soft, Even SurfaceUnlike concrete, turf provides a soft, cushioned surface for play, entertaining or just enjoying some fresh air. And no bumpy spots or holes.

Adds VersatilityTurf allows you to use the patio for more activities like putting in a swing set, trampoline or playhouses for kids. Or create cozy lounge areas.

Durable & Weather-ResistantArtificial grass won’t fade in Phoenix sun or suffer winter die off. The sub-base allows drainage, preventing pooling.

Creative Ways to Use Synthetic Turf on Your Patio

There are endless possibilities when designing a turf patio. Some popular options include:

All-Turf Patio

Covering the entire patio surface with artificial grass creates a lush, uniform look. Consider adding features like synthetic turf putting greens or bocce ball courts.

Turf with Stepping Stones

Incorporate stepping stones amidst patio turf to create visual interest. Use large paver stones or molded concrete that complement the turf grass shades.

Turf Accent Areas

Add rectangular or freeform turf areas as accents on deck with existing concrete or pavers. Use turf in high-traffic zones or to soften hard edges.

Faux Lawn Play Area

Cordoning off a section of patio for a faux lawn play space keeps toys contained and adds cushion for kids. Use turf remnants or scraps here to save money.

Patterned Turf Design

Get creative with turf by mixing several colors or textures to make stripes, checkerboards or other patterns on the deck surface. Define separate functional areas.

Synthetic Putting Green

Golf lovers can install a small artificial putting green on their patio for convenience. Use a short-pile turf made for golf and include a cup and fringe.

Bring Your Patio to Life with Artificial Grass

Refreshing a tired Phoenix patio with synthetic turf offers virtually limitless design possibilities while providing a lush, low-maintenance outdoor living space. Before taking on a patio turf project, be sure to consider how you want to use the space. And don’t hesitate to contact Phoenix Artificial Grass Pros at 623-462-3819 for a free quote or design consultation. We would love to help you turn your deck into your family’s favorite oasis!

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