Why Add Artificial Grass Putting Greens in Phoenix to Your Event Venue?

Benefits of Artificial Grass Putting Greens for Venues - phoenix

People are always celebrating something that requires a special venue. So if you’re having a hard time keeping your place booked, it might be time to invest in artificial grass putting greens in Phoenix. It’s the perfect amenity to make your event venue stand out.

Who Will Book Venues With a Putting Green?

People who want to try their hand at golf, weekend golfers, and pros at the sport would love venues with this amenity. But they’re not the only ones you’ll attract. Anyone who wants a place with a unique amenity that will make their event more fun and memorable will consider such a venue.

Events That an Artificial Putting Green Could Level Up

Consider offering the amenity for people who are booking your venue to hold the following events:

Birthday Parties

Birthdays are a time to celebrate with friends and family, and what better way to make the occasion extra special than by adding a little extra fun? Artificial grass putting greens in Phoenix are perfect for any party, whether it’s an adult-only affair or a kid’s party.

For Children’s Parties

Recommend holding an exciting contest. Then, reward the kids that got the most numbers of balls in the holes. They can also decorate the putting green according to the celebrant’s theme.

For Adult-Only Parties

Try hosting some kind of tournament and letting people bring their own clubs. Then, the best golfer at the end wins a prize.

Dates and Anniversaries

It’s not always easy to think of something new to do for dates and anniversaries, especially for long-time couples. A synthetic putting green can offer new activities for them to enjoy.

Couples can play various games on it, such as:


It’s a classic game that everyone loves! It’s easy to learn and fun for all ages. Perfect for couples who want something simple but competitive.


This game is great for teams of two or four players. So it’s a great idea for couples on double or group dates. It requires strategy, finesse, and good sportsmanship—all important qualities in any relationship.


Putting is easier than golf because there are no rules about how many strokes it takes to hole a ball. They just need to get the ball in the hole on the artificial grass in Phoenix.

Team-Building Activities

Companies won’t run out of team-building activities to conduct when they hold the event in a venue with a putting green. Here are some ideas you can pitch to them:

Stroke Play

Each player gets several strokes per hole. The player with the lowest score wins.


Players take turns hitting their ball into the hole, but they only get one stroke per turn. The first player who makes it in wins!


Each player hits their ball toward the hole and then takes turns trying to get their ball closest to the pin. The one who gets the closest wins.

Attract More People With an Artificial Grass Installation in Phoenix, AZ

Don’t miss out on the chance to set your event venue apart from the rest with synthetic grass.

Here at Phoenix Artificial Grass Pros we can install synthetic turf for putting greens, lawns, and other applications. So we’ve got you covered if you want to extend your artificial grass upgrade beyond your venue’s mini golf course.

Moreover, we only use the best artificial grass products to ensure you enjoy its full benefits. So you can rest assured that you’ll have a putting green that can withstand foot traffic and other venue concerns.

Want to learn more about the ways we can upgrade your venue? Call us now at 623-232-0461 or send us a message online.

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